Landscaping Started!

It’s very basic landscaping, but it livens up the place so much just by adding some greenery.

As you can see they’ve cleaned up the yard and they did a final grading in the back.

Grass goes in today or tomorrow I believe, then the head honcho takes a walk-through and gives his seal of approval or lists things he wants changed. There’s already some items on my radar that I want fixed.

This chip definitely needs fixed.

The scratch in this closet door needs fixed.

I really hope the paint comes off our brand new carpet.

The outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms need to be changed to GFCI outlets.

And some really weird bubbling above the washer/dryer area.

The guy who does the cleanup had a list of things needed to be done going. On top there were the garage door openers. I was REALLY tempted to grab one.

Our moving company called to confirm dates for our move and will be sending someone out in a few days to look at everything we have so they can give an estimate on how long it will take to pack us all up and how big of a moving truck they will need.

I still need to contact a few utility companies to get service started at the house. We have 5 business days after closing to get them changed into our name.

Soon she’ll be ours!!! I can’t wait!

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