We Have A Lawn!

Wednesday evening at 5:30pm I received a text from one of the neighbors who lives in the development (who is moving due to military PCS season! WAAAA) that they were putting the sod down. I got Taryn to bed and told my MIL I was going to run and see the house. I got there just as they were finishing up!

The guy in the picture came over and gave me some lawn care tips.  Basically, make sure I water the bleep out of it for a while.

I grabbed my neighbor friend and in we went to the house.

Other than the wrong fridge being in our house, no GFCI outlets, and the sub-flooring never being fixed before carpet was placed…it’s looking good. They’ve started wearing booties while in the house to protect the floor, but I have to laugh because it’s still super dirty in there.

Our stair railing was taken down. I think they are either going to move the railing down a bit, or they are moving the switch. I assume that blue tape is noting where they want it, but who knows. I asked Susan and she had no idea.

They installed this piece all wrong…my friend was the one who pointed it out to me.

They are fixing above the laundry closet. It looked horrible at first, so I’m glad that was caught before I had to say anything.

They finally installed the garage stairs.

They also sanded down the basement stairs.

Sump pump area was filled in with concrete and a cover was provided.

Monday is our walk-through and Friday we close!! Susan said Friday early morning around 9-9:30 am we’ll have our FINAL walk-through before we close. I completely forgot we had a final one they day of closing.

And good news on the POA front. I had been stressing about if I was going to receive it in time, AND I DID!!! I must have thanked Jesus about 50 million times yesterday. Next update will be after walk-through on Monday!

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