We’re Homeowners!

Everything went sort of “dark” there for a little bit and mostly it was because there was a flurry of activity, personal life stuff, and doctors appointments.

We officially closed on the house on June 15th. We took that weekend to bring things over to the house that we didn’t want the movers taking (pictures, undergarments, candles, cleaning supplies, etc). I spent some time at the new house getting it clean (the cleaning lady does NOT get it move in ready) because there was still drywall dust everywhere.

The move itself went ok. The movers had everything packed in a day and then moved everything the next day. Unfortunately, they scuffed some of the walls in the new home and dented the drywall in the dining room. It’s not a huge deal and we can repair it/repaint. It’s just, unfortunate.

The first few days of unpacking were rough to say the least. I felt like I wasn’t making much progress but eventually things started coming together. We still have some things to unpack….ok a lot of things, but since I was the only one really unpacking the majority of it, I could only do so much. Now that my in laws are gone, it’s even worse. I only really have time to unpack when the girls are in bed and by that point I want to fall asleep myself.

I’ve not even tackled much of my room yet. It’s been a VERY slow work in progress. And let’s really not talk about the basement…

Speaking of which, we had some issues crop up our first night in the house, believe it or not. It rained REALLY good while the movers were bringing in our items and there was water EVERYWHERE in the basement. I sent an emergency SOS text to our construction supervisor who passed it on to the after closing warranty/service guy. Turns out they didn’t seal that ouside pipe carefully enough, so they had to fill it inside and then it needed to expand once it was in contact with moisture. We haven’t had another leak down in the basement since.

Then, that night after my mother in law gave Taryn a bath, I noticed a line on our ceiling that got worse and worse so I knew we had a water leak upstairs. To say I was upset was putting it mildly. They sent the plumber out asap that morning to get it fixed and it was just a problem with dried putty around the drain thankfully.

Of course everything that could go wrong does after you close. I was having a chuckle at that with our construction supervisor. Of course, I’m taking it a little bit better than Jesse. He was furious and was really going off on the supervisor and the community rep. He wanted to see copies of all the inspections that the city did plus the “white glove” inspection that the vp did.

These past 2 weeks have been an absolute blur with everything that we have going on. Hopefully as I get things in order around here I can share more. So far, the downstairs is mostly complete. I haven’t really hung much in the way of pictures/decor yet but that’s because I wanted Jesse’s help and input.

Obviously I’ve focused my attention mostly on the kitchen and entryway. Hopefully the rest will fall into place once Jesse is back home.

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