60 Days In?!

We’re coming up on 60 days in our brand new home and things are starting to settle in nicely. 

Hanging out by the door.

We had to fill out our 60 day warranty sheet for things that needed fixed, and we only had 2 items. I’m not sure if that means we’re not as picky as others, or if our house is just THAT awesome. 

We have a few nail pops and some drywall that needs fixed in the kitchen, but they wanted us to wait until our 1 year warranty before we had it fixed since the house is going to continue to settle and new pops/drywall issues might pop up. 

The Living Room

We’re slowly working on getting everything unpacked from the move, which is funny. I had hoped I would have had everything unpacked by now, but it’s proven difficult with 2 kids running around. I don’t want Taryn near the furnace and water heater in the basement, so getting all those boxes unpacked has to wait until the evening and by then I just want to crash.

We’ve also bought a bit of furniture to suit our needs. We had a problem with shoes ALL OVER the floor so we went to IKEA and found this beautiful grey colored Hemnes Shoes Cabinet.

Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

I was griping while we were at IKEA because I wish we would have purchased our living room furniture in the same grey color as our shoe cabinet. To be quite honest, I don’t think they had they grey stain available when we bought them, which was about 3 years ago. It just would have gone better with our color scheme in this new home.

I can’t wait to get all my fall decorations out so I can go crazy with decorating!! Is it too early to start putting up Halloween decorations?!

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