Here Comes Fall!

Ahhh Fall. My very favorite time of year. The weather cools down, the leaves start changing colors, and PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING!!!

I really love decorating and getting things all jazzed up for the holiday. Instead of doing something super creepy on the inside, I went for a basic fall theme.

Entry hall table decorated for fall.

I love using pumpkins all over for fall decorating. I’ve acquired quite a few different pumpkins throughout the years, and I even bought more this year. PUMPKIN ALL THE THINGS!!!!

Half bath decorated, finally.

I finally got around to decorating the half bath. I had Jesse put in these shelves a while ago and they have been bare until today. Again, there’s a little splash of pumpkin thrown in there for the fun of it.

Floral Arrangement

This floral arrangement is something I did as an accident really. It was supposed to be an arrangement for the main part of the house but…I didn’t like how tall it was for any of the places I wanted to put it. I ended up calling it good here in the half bath.

Dining Room fall decor.

The dining room table looks off due to we just took the leaf insert out and didn’t reposition it. But, again…Halloween themed mostly, and a table runner that REALLY needs to be ironed.

Pepe making a rare appearance on our entertainment center.

For the living room,I can’t really have anything of value on the coffee table because I have a 22 month old who loves to mess with everything. However, our entertainment center is nice and tall and perfect for decorating! The leaf garlands are secured with little 3m hooks. On top I placed pumpkins and gourds. 

Left side of the backyard. The home in construction right now will probably close sometime in December.
Right side of the backyard. The houses on that side are HUGE.

Our backyard is not really decorated, but I wanted to include a picture because, #1 we had our fence put in and #2 you can see just how much our community is growing! We still don’t have a neighbor to the left of us, but they did clear out the lot the other day so my hope is that they stake it soon. It has been sold for quite a while but they were having some issues I guess. Also, our fence on the right side will need to be moved over. The fence guy shorted us some of our lot space when he did our neighbors fence first. We had some issues figuring out how far back our lot went, so we had a surveyor come out and stake it for us and that’s when we found the issue. The fence guy is coming next month to dig up the side of the fence and move it over. 

Sometime in the near future we plan on buying a playset for the backyard, but they are pretty expensive so we’re prioritizing what that money goes towards. We still have to finish the basement and we really want to do a bigger patio/deck in the backyard.

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