Life Challenges & Banana Splits

This year has been full of challenges so far, which is why I haven’t been working on the blog. My mom has ended up in the hospital with a softball sized lump in her lymph nodes (neck). They gave her a round of chemo, all her hair fell out, and after 2 weeks in the hospital with multiple issues regarding her kidneys and heart and not keeping anything down, she decided to go home. She’s in home hospice now and I went to visit her recently.

I won’t share the pictures I took because they are extremely personal, but I will share some from after my visit when I came back (after a cancelled flight and another 2 days in Tucson) and had Spring Break with my girls, Jesse, and his parents.

When I got back to Dayton, one of the first things we did was we went to Young’s Dairy. It’s probably one of my favorite places to go with the girls. They are so family friendly and the ice cream is amazing!

Grandpa Chief and Rylie splitting a banana split.
The most epic Banana Split ever!

Unfortunately, Jesse and his parents had to leave on Easter. Mimi and Chief had to go back to Florida, and Jesse had to go TDY for a few days for AFIT related work. Before he left, we bundled the girls up and they went out to find Easter eggs that the bunny had left for them.

Taryn with her egg loot.
Rylie in search of eggs.
Taryn found some in a tree!

In other news, mostly house and Air Force news. Jesse and I have decided to have him continue on in the Air Force, which means we’ll be moving Summer 2020 probably. We are thinking we will just sell this house, which makes me sad but in the end it will be better for us overall. We really love this house and have had only minor issues, so it’s going to be tough to leave. In the future, when thinking of our next “forever” home, we’ll probably choose a ranch style, 1 floor home. These stairs are brutal on my knees!

I hope everyone has had a great 2019 so far. Here’s to more fun to come!

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