1 Year In!

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since we’ve been in our home. It feels like yesterday that we moved in. There’s been some major changes in the development that I want to share.

If you can’t tell, we FINALLY have neighbors on both sides! The house on the left JUST closed.

Unfortunately, we have a dead tree. It’s been dead since LAST year but they’ve pulled the “Let’s wait and see if it blooms in Spring!” B.S. despite me insisting it was dead. They finally came out and said “Yeah, it’s dead” but as of yet they haven’t replaced it.

Our front door got a bit of a different look to it this year. Also, I think the gnome is perfect. LOL

Our backyard neighbors are all filled in as well. The house on the right closed quite a while ago but they are working on a deck currently which is why they don’t have their landscaping done yet.

Our grass is filling in nicely in the back. We have some bald patches from where kids toys have been, but we’re rotating them around the yard so hopefully that won’t happen again. We have quite the unsightly strip of blah by our fence because the fence company put the neighbors fence that we attached on to too far into our property, and they used concrete underneath the fence to prevent her dog from potentially digging into our yard. We made them take it out, but the obviously didn’t do anything else to rectify the situation.

The crab apple tree in our backyard bloomed SO BEAUTIFULLY! I really am going to be sad to have to leave this place eventually. I’m really going to miss the tree we planted. It’s like my baby. I want to see it grow up.

I’ve also taken to gardening a bit. We have thyme, basil, chives, orange mint, and a mini belle pepper mix. We also have daisies potted from Rylie’s Girl Scouts troop. They should start to flower shortly.

In other news, I recently had dental surgery and the recovery has gone surprisingly well. I haven’t been in much pain at all and was hardly swollen compared to the bone graft procedure I had done.

My mom is doing a bit worse. I can’t understand her on the phone anymore. Mother’s Day was a difficult day to get through. I would have liked to spend it with her. I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with the short amount of time I got to see her last month. I wish I could be there for her every day until she passes. It’s a hard thing to deal with and I’ve been diagnosed with mild anxiety and depression recently.

I don’t know if or when I plan on updating or doing another blog post. I did renew my domain name for another year, but honestly, I just don’t really have the passion for blogging anymore. I almost feel like they are just going out of style/popularity and basically….is there even 1 person who reads this crap anymore? Just me? I thought so.

2 thoughts on “1 Year In!

  1. I really appreciate your blogs, we close with Inverness homes next month and doing our first walk through this week. What are something you recommend we watch out for? Also love your fencing, ballpark figure how much did it cost you and any recommendations?


    1. How exciting! We keep having issues with a particular spot in our basement leaking. The foundation has been injected, a pipe “sealed” along with another one. It’s the same side every time, so definitely during your walk-through pay close attention to what is going on in the basement. Also, make sure you double and triple check that all of your appliances are correct. They tried to give me the wrong refrigerator.

      As far as fencing, we went through Armor Fencing (if you are in the Dayton area) and it was roughly $4000. They require half payment when they first start, and then the other half when they finish. Most of the time, you can call the company that Inverness uses for the plot placement/planning to get them to come out and mark the property lines for you and it shouldn’t cost you anything.


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