1 Year Construction Warranty

It took some time, but Jesse and I went through the house and tried to find all of the drywall nail pops/drywall issues and anything else that was covered by our 1 year construction warranty to put on our list of items to fix. Most of it was just small nail pops but we have been having issues with the basement still leaking from the pipe that goes outside. We’ve also had an issue with water pooling on the left side of our backyard. We have an easement back there, but instead of running down to the easement, it just sits there between our house and our new neighbors.

The drywall guy was really fast and fixed all of our issues in about 45 minutes. Unfortunately, some of our other issues (like the yard) will take some time to get people schedule to come out and look at the grading. They had no real good fix for our stair issue other than just gluing the carpet down (the nails have been poking us as we walk down the stairs).

After a neighbors friends/family party at her house a few weekends back, Jesse and I are really really wanting to get our basement finished (next year probably). “But aren’t you moving?!” you might ask….well, that’s a complicated question to answer. Long story short, we might or we might not. It all depends on what Jesse decides to do in 2 years. I know I personally would like to stay for a while.

I will update more as things get done around here. I’ve already painted over most of the drywall fixes, but I would love to just re-paint the entire house to a satin finish rather than a matte finish. We had no idea the paint would be matte when we picked it at the design center (that’s one thing they don’t tell you) so we were a bit peeved by it when we realized it.

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