Well, Hi There!

It’s been a long time, a year to be exact, since I even considered writing a blog post here. Whew. You might notice the URL is a bit different. I moved my blog over to wordpress.com so my domain kind of forwards over here to it. I hate the link that shows, but whatever.

2020 has been a complete crap show. I know so many people were looking forward to 2020, but I started my Jan 1st, 2020 off with a bang and fell down the stairs. We think I might have broken or fractured a finger, but I never went to urgent care to find out.

Ring finger below knuckle is swollen

After that I said that 2020 was going to suck and I wasn’t wrong at all. Taryn ended up needing to have an endoscopy done to figure out if anything was going on with her stomach. Of course, nothing was wrong. For some reason she just does not want to eat even though we have her constipation under control now. It’s pretty infuriating.

Taryn in preop, getting ready for her procedure.

COVID stay at home orders hit pretty much right after Rylie’s 7th birthday party. So many people were worried, so we only had a few people show up for her birthday party.

Rylie wanted a galaxy themed cake, since she loves everything space related.
Rylie in the middle getting sung “Happy Birthday” to.

Having to homeschool Rylie was difficult. There were many tears and lots of fights, but I’m thinking I might have to homeschool Rylie this year too, depending on how our school district handles everything.

My hope is to continue to update my blog. I feel like I want to get back into photography and would love to be able to update friends/family on what is going on with us. We only have a year left here in Dayton before we PCS next summer! Who knows where we will be going, but hopefully it is overseas!

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