Can 2020 Get Worse? Maybe…

After deciding to come back to the blogging world, things got turned a little upside down for our family. I’ve been away for a little bit and here’s why.

Deployment gear

Jesse is now deployed, and I had a rather rough 3 months. For half of September and all of October I had been feeling like I was out in the middle of the ocean in a boat, rocking back and forth. It was a really strange feeling that I’ve never experienced before unless I was actually out on a boat. I also had ringing in my ear (tinnitus) and a lot of head pressure that developed into neck pain and a migraine. It was so bad I went to the ER for help thinking I might be having a stroke but everything came back fine. I had to completely change the way I was eating because after doing some research it looked like I was having a vestibular migraine. I did the heal your headache diet with help from The Dizzy Cook and it slowly got slower and less intense until it finally subsided around Halloween. Unfortunately, as if that wasn’t enough, I slipped on the top of the stairs and fell really hard on my tailbone and most likely broke or severely injured it. The pain I was in was intense. I couldn’t sit down, I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t bend over. I was in rough shape. Those stairs might be the death of me. I have to remind myself not to go down them with socks on.

My mother in law came to the rescue to help out while I had various appointments for neurology and other stuff. My neurologist put me on Emgality along with Nurtec and also provided me with a script for a medrol dose pack in case I get a migraine that lasts longer than a day in the future. Emgality apparently takes about 2 months to reach full effectiveness but let me tell you, it’s been working absolutely wonderfully for me. I have only had 1 teeny headache in almost the month I’ve been on it, I haven’t had any more dizzy spells, and things are looking up for me. One of the things seen on my MRI scan was that I have pre Chiari Malfomation which my neurologist isn’t worried about currently. He said they really don’t like to do anything about that unless you are having severe issues from it. I also have hyperintensities in the white matter, which apparently isn’t much to worry about either, and is basically just a sign that I have a migraine brain. I guess in some people it could be a sign of MS, but all my tests for MS came back normal.

We’ll be moving next summer and should know which base we get sometime in early 2021. We’re actually hoping we get an overseas assignment, somewhere in England or Germany. In the end, we’ll obviously be going where they need us to go but I’ll obviously update when we know where we are headed to. Fingers crossed we get a great base. I can’t imagine having to sell this house, but hopefully in the future we will have an opportunity to build again or buy a fixer upper and really gut it and choose what we want in it. I’m hoping we’re done with the “deployment curses” and nothing eventful will happen the rest of the deployment.

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