Why hello lovely reader!!

I’m Shasta, a 30 something mommy of two. That’s my cute little family up top! My husband is Jesse, and my daughters are Rylie and Taryn. Jesse is in the Air Force, so currently we’re in Ohio.

You might be wondering what my little blog is about, so let me tell you! It’s about my family, first and foremost. I’m a “mommy blogger” and a “lifestyle blogger” but will most likely write about my daughters. It’s how it is. My life revolves around them, so naturally my blog does too!

I do have other things going on that I love to blog about that fall into the lifestyle blog category. I’m pretty crafty, so you might see some crafts you are interested in trying. I love to bake and cook, volunteer, and shop. I might even post about what I wear/hauls, if you are interested!

Now, let’s get down to the deep stuff. The things you don’t REALLY need to know, but I would like to share with you. I’ve suffered 6 miscarriages. 6!!! I have a balanced translocation of chromosomes 1 and 4. Without going into too much detail, it makes reproduction hard to achieve without the help of pre-genetic testing on my eggs. We did, however, conceive both girls naturally by sheer luck. We are a perfect family of 4 and have no intentions of having any more children. In fact, we’ve made it pretty hard for us to have any more children (IUD and Vasectomy). 

That’s pretty much it. To get to know me even more, read the blog!!

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