Prepping the Driveway

Yesterday when I arrived at the house to check things out, they were prepping the driveway/sidewalk! I was so excited to see that! They were also prepping for our back porch and Long Electric was there putting the electrical outlets together with the face plates and the lighting fixtures up. Pretty soon we may have [...]

My Kitchen Granite!

Over the past couple of days crews have been busy working on tile for the shower as well as flooring. I was expecting to possibly see carpet in the house today but instead I walked in to GRANITE countertops in the kitchen!!!!! I started to drool. Seriously, this kitchen is everything I have ever hoped [...]

Taryn’s 16 Month Update

I think I've mentioned briefly about Taryn having some weight issues. This has been going on since around 7 months old. She was doing really really well with her growth chart, and then once she started solids, she just stopped gaining weight. I had mentioned before how she wasn't pooping like she normally was and [...]

Le Sigh

On Tuesday they delivered all the cabinetry, inner doors, trim, siding, etc. Wednesday they started installing it. The crew was there for quite a while hanging doors, doing trim, installing the stair railings, and hanging the cabinets/putting the island together and the siding guy had started at the back of the house hanging the siding. [...]

We Have Windows!

A lot has been happening at the Bentley and I'm so excited to share the progress on our home! She has windows and a front door on!!! How exciting is that?! Granted, there's no knobs on the door just yet, but we'll get there. I couldn't get a picture from my usual spot because workers [...]