Last Words

I haven't been around in a while and it's because of some very stressful, emotional things. I'll start at the beginning. In November my Dad was feeling full all the time and it was progressively getting worse, to the point where he started having to remind himself to eat. Then a week before Thanksgiving, he [...]

Happy 2015!

Happy 2015 everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years celebration and was safe in doing so! This gem is the very first photo of 2015. I was playing with formal balance and she turned around just at the right moment for me to capture her. I'm looking forward to a great year of [...]

Planner Hype!

Can I confess something to everyone? I spent a fortune on a planner I don't even use. I'm so ashamed! I thought it would solve all my problems, get me organized, magically solve my writers block I occasionally get, etc. But of course, it didn't.  I worked with the planner for about a month before [...]

Fall Family Photos

Our fall family photos I took on Sunday came out so good! I'm really happy with the way they turned out, and I saved a few hundred by just doing them myself! We'll most likely use 1 or 2 of them for our holiday cards, which I'm super excited about. I found a great layout [...]

Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone has a great labor day today! For those of you who have to work, I'm sorry! We spent this weekend hanging out with friends who are stationed here in Ohio (friends we haven't seen since Vegas 2009!) and eating some pretty delicious ice cream from the local farm in Yellow Springs, Young's [...]