Pumpkin Decorating

Yesterday, Rylie and I went to Target to get a few things we'll need for this week, and we saw this adorable pumpkin decorating kit that Rylie went nuts for. Can you guess what it was? You guessed it....Elsa. This kid is still crazy about Frozen (and Frozen Fever) and is going to be Elsa [...]


Yesterday I realized what a big girl my baby is getting to be. She can now reach the lock on the door to the backyard. A lot of things were running through my mind. She's not so little anymore, and my baby is slowly growing up and becoming a feisty little lady. If she doesn't [...]

Brick Rash

Nothing prepared me for that dreaded moment yesterday. Rylie wanted to go outside while my husband made lunch for us. So I opened the door to our backyard and she ran out onto the deck. Usually she's pretty good about slowing down and taking her time to get down the steps. This time, not so [...]

I Will Not Hover

Because I love you, my daughter, I will not hover. I will let you explore, dig in the dirt, get your feet wet, and get messy. I want you to feel the bark of a tree, smell the beautiful scent of flowers, and run your hands through the grass. I want you to explore the [...]

Childhood Memories

When I bought my daughter her first cabbage patch doll, I wasn't aware of what childhood memories would come rushing back to me. Just the smell alone triggered memories of playing cabbage patch dolls with my cousinĀ and fighting over why she got the blonde doll and I got the brunette doll, and other times when [...]