We’re Homeowners!

Everything went sort of "dark" there for a little bit and mostly it was because there was a flurry of activity, personal life stuff, and doctors appointments. We officially closed on the house on June 15th. We took that weekend to bring things over to the house that we didn't want the movers taking (pictures, [...]

We Have A Lawn!

Wednesday evening at 5:30pm I received a text from one of the neighbors who lives in the development (who is moving due to military PCS season! WAAAA) that they were putting the sod down. I got Taryn to bed and told my MIL I was going to run and see the house. I got there [...]

Almost There!

Can I just say, I am so happy with how everything is looking now! Look at this beauty, she'll be ours soon! Today they painted the door, added the door handle and deadbolt lock. Inside they've been working on patching scuffs/dents/mistakes. There are still some things I'm not incredibly happy with, that will hopefully be [...]

We Have A Driveway!

Tuesday I drove to the house to get an idea of what was happening there and caught a wonderful sigh indeed... They were smoothing out the concrete that had been poured! We officially have a driveway and sidewalk now!!! They only did the front, not the back where our patio is...that came on Wednesday (which [...]

Being Too Harsh?!

This past week there has been a flurry of activity at the house. Long Electric has been busy installing everything for the lighting and electrical outlets/etc and well....to say I'm disappointed is putting it lightly. I walked into the master bathroom and saw this... The sub-contractor must know that I'm not going to let this [...]

Prepping the Driveway

Yesterday when I arrived at the house to check things out, they were prepping the driveway/sidewalk! I was so excited to see that! They were also prepping for our back porch and Long Electric was there putting the electrical outlets together with the face plates and the lighting fixtures up. Pretty soon we may have [...]

My Kitchen Granite!

Over the past couple of days crews have been busy working on tile for the shower as well as flooring. I was expecting to possibly see carpet in the house today but instead I walked in to GRANITE countertops in the kitchen!!!!! I started to drool. Seriously, this kitchen is everything I have ever hoped [...]