We Have Windows!

A lot has been happening at the Bentley and I'm so excited to share the progress on our home! She has windows and a front door on!!! How exciting is that?! Granted, there's no knobs on the door just yet, but we'll get there. I couldn't get a picture from my usual spot because workers [...]

An Utter Mess

Well...it snowed here 2 days ago and it created an UTTER MESS in our house. They didn't get the roof completely done in time (apparently it was too icy so they started framing the house behind us...i'm still not happy about that) so basically our whole 2nd floor ended up with snow and then it [...]

2nd Floor Done!!

There's so much activity on our lot now, it's amazing! As of yesterday they had the 2nd floor mostly finished. I was able to walk around upstairs and I got a little giddy about it. Right now everything looks super small, which I've heard that from a few people so far. It's an illusion, really. [...]

Um, WHAT?!

As I was driving Rylie to preschool this morning I debated about whether or not I should pop on over to our lot to see if anything was going on. Why? It was super cold out and it was snowing. I decided "I'll go over there anyways, I would like to get a picture of [...]