We Have A Lawn!

Wednesday evening at 5:30pm I received a text from one of the neighbors who lives in the development (who is moving due to military PCS season! WAAAA) that they were putting the sod down. I got Taryn to bed and told my MIL I was going to run and see the house. I got there [...]

Being Too Harsh?!

This past week there has been a flurry of activity at the house. Long Electric has been busy installing everything for the lighting and electrical outlets/etc and well....to say I'm disappointed is putting it lightly. I walked into the master bathroom and saw this... The sub-contractor must know that I'm not going to let this [...]

We Have Windows!

A lot has been happening at the Bentley and I'm so excited to share the progress on our home! She has windows and a front door on!!! How exciting is that?! Granted, there's no knobs on the door just yet, but we'll get there. I couldn't get a picture from my usual spot because workers [...]

An Utter Mess

Well...it snowed here 2 days ago and it created an UTTER MESS in our house. They didn't get the roof completely done in time (apparently it was too icy so they started framing the house behind us...i'm still not happy about that) so basically our whole 2nd floor ended up with snow and then it [...]

More Updates

I've been bad at updating recently, but I had a good reason. Jesse was home from R&R again and we had a jam packed 2 weeks of things to do. Between our Long Electric appointment, picking out our granite, celebrating Rylie's birthday.....it's been pretty exhausting but fun. I was so sad to see Jesse go [...]

House Update

This week Jesse has been home from R&R and we had a meeting with Jarrod to discuss the house and just have a general meeting so Jesse could meet him. We learned we should most definitely be closing in June. This surprised me and I'm very excited that we'll probably spend 4th of July in [...]