An Utter Mess snowed here 2 days ago and it created an UTTER MESS in our house. They didn't get the roof completely done in time (apparently it was too icy so they started framing the house behind us...i'm still not happy about that) so basically our whole 2nd floor ended up with snow and then it [...]

The Waiting Game

There's always a waiting period of about 30-60 days that you have to go through when you start a new construction house. After you make your final selections and you are happy with your choices, everything goes off to the architects so they can draw up your blueprints, then it has to go get appraised, [...]

We Did A Thing!

So, we did a thing on Black Friday...... We decided to build a home! I am so incredibly excited! We are going with Inverness and we're just so amazed at how quickly we fell in love with a home. We picked out Lot #9112 in Phase 2. Originally we were hoping to get a corner [...]