4th of July Weekend

What a great 4th of July Weekend it has been! We've had tons of activities going on and I'm exhausted, but I wanted to share what we've been up to lately. I do want to mention that I've been absent for a while from the blog because my mom passed away on June 9th. I'll [...]

Preschool Christmas Program

Last night Rylie's school had their Christmas program. They had the preschoolers go first (early bedtimes and all) and they were ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. A few of the kids were super timid and didn't even want to be up on the stage, and then there's my daughter who wanted to grab the microphone and start singing [...]

Rylie’s 4th Birthday

March 18th marked Rylie's 4th birthday, and I have never had that many mixed emotions all in 1 day. My baby girl is growing up and getting older and while I'm so excited for her because she's becoming a "big kid" and is learning and growing, it still makes me very sad. I spent time [...]

I Will Not Hover

Because I love you, my daughter, I will not hover. I will let you explore, dig in the dirt, get your feet wet, and get messy. I want you to feel the bark of a tree, smell the beautiful scent of flowers, and run your hands through the grass. I want you to explore the [...]